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Estabild offers a custom pricing based on your project or portfolio size,
and other conditions specific to your organization.
All our solutions include unlimited cloud storage
and unlimited seats for project members.

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With the annual plan you're saving 20%


Price is based on
a project size

A comprehensive solution that streamlines collaboration and data flow between project financiers, developers and other key stakeholders.

Unlimited users and cloud data storage, with customer support provided.



Price is based on
a portfolio size

A scalable solution to get a holistic overview of your portfolio and business plan performance.

Includes all functionality from the Project plan, plus portfolio management, analytics and forecasting.


Custom pricing based on
your business needs

A tailor-made solution rapidly built in a close collaboration to ensure it fits your business needs.

Advanced capabilities, integrations with your internal tools and services, hands-on premium support and more.

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We will assist you with the integration and implementation of Estabild in your organisation.

Tailor-made solution
to your business needs

Require a custom solution? Speak to us. We'll be glad to discuss partnership for a customised offering.

Solutions for your development projects

Solutions for your development projects

For developers

technical advisors


Coordinate your project timeline and team assignments with a single, easy-to-use interface.
Keep track of progress updates.
Have all project documentation stored in one place.

For Financiers



Efficiently handle your project draws and payment requests for completed work.
Instantly get progress reports.
Keep track of project budget and cash flow forecast.

For Developers



Get a complete real-time overview of your project development.
Monitor schedule and finance performance.
Mitigate potential risks to keep projects on track.

Seamless integration with your existing tools

Seamless connection to your development projects

Unlimited cloud
data storage
Don’t worry about storage, we got you covered. Upload all your documents, drawings, images and more.
customer support
You success is our success. Our dedicated team focuses on customer support to ensure you get the most out of our solution.
Unlimited internal and
external users
Invite all relevant team members to collaborate in the same platform. No limits on how many team members can join.

Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Get in touch with our team via

How is Estabild different from other project management tools for real estate development?

Estabild is not a project management tool, but a project financing and development platform.

Our solution is specifically designed for the real estate development industry, with features tailored to the needs of lenders and investors that finance development projects, project developers, technical advisors and inspectors. We offer a comprehensive solution that focuses on project monitoring, financing and planning. Our features include budget tracking, cost control, scheduling, verification of completed work, progress tracking, task management, communication portal and more.

Contact us so we can find the best solution that fits your needs.

Could Estabild integrate with tools used in my company?

At Estabild we offer integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & accounting systems. In addition, we have a native integration with MS Excel and can import (almost) any sort of data.

We are happy to integrate with widely adopted systems at no additional cost. If you have a specific system in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always open to discussion.

How many people can I invite to Estabild?

As many as you need!

We believe that collaboration is important to achieve successful project results. Therefore we don't have a limit on a number of project users, and there are no additional costs for new invites.

Our project data are sensitive, is there a security risk when using Estabild?

Your security is our top priority. At Estabild we hold ourselves to industry-leading privacy standards and take the responsibility of keeping your data secure. Some examples on how we do it:

1. We use secure and reliable infrastructure to host data. Data centers are SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 certified.

2. All personal data are protected with identity management expertise and state of the art security features. We ensure that only the right people can access the information stored in Estabild.

3. Our platform enforces secure password policy to enhance the security of the authentication of the users. Password and sensitive data are stored encrypted using the industry best practices and cryptographic frameworks.

4. All the communication between you and the platform is encrypted and uses strong encryption protocols. This protects the data in transit secure and communication private.

Do you offer a free trial?

We can offer a demo account for your team to explore our platform. This will be provided after an introductory call for us to showcase Estabild’s features.

Additionally, we can offer a free assessment by using your anonymized project data to showcase how your project would look like in Estabild.

What pricing models are available?

We offer two pricing model, based on your project/organisation needs.

1. One-time payment:
• Fixed one-time payment for your portfolio of projects.
• No hidden fees.
• It includes project onboarding, implementation, training, integrations, customers support, etc.

2. Quarterly subscription:
• Pay per quarter.
• No hidden fees.
• Onboarding services (to ensure a speedy implementation) available as an add-on.

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