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Ensure efficient capital use and
project delivery performance

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Recurrent issues when monitoring project funding
Progress updates are delivered infrequently, in various forms and through different channels.
Disorganised documentation that comes with errors & has to be manually reviewed before the disbursement of funds.
Projects get significantly deviated from the approved business plan & aren’t completed with the requested funds.
Gain control with centralised and automated release of funds
Simplify project’s progress monitoring by centralising project data and documentation.
Make shorter payout cycles in smaller amounts based on real performance to ensure efficient capital use.
Have a single secure channel to communicate among developers & other key stakeholders as technical advisors.
Benefits for your business
Single place for developers and inspectors to work together
Easy access to project history and track records that ensures a targeted and effective inspection.
Quick way to provide progress updates and connect to related events.
All inspection and update reports in one place.
Streamlined invoice collection, review and payouts
Smooth verification of work complete.
Centralized drawdown requests and disbursement of project funds.
Performance-based payouts in shorter cycles that enable closer control and mitigation of risks.
Real-time budget consumption and liquidity analysis
Monitoring of project progress and project delivery performance.
Dynamic drawdown schedule based on real-time progress for an accurate cash flow forecast.
Accurate planning for disbursements of funds according to the most recent project delivery status.
Proactive performance portfolio overview and forecasting
All key project data are consolidated and rolled up to a single place.
Complete overview of project’s budget and related timelines.
Centralised liquidity forecast and project delivery performance for the entire portfolio.
Your privacy and security are our first priority
We hold ourselves to industry-leading privacy and security standards and keep your data secure and private.
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