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Estabild is a versatile lightweight platform that focuses on delivering three core-values to our clients: predictability, transparency, and connectivity. These values combined improve the level of trust between stakeholders and their capital investments, to help reduce the risk of undesired outcomes such as cost overruns and schedule delays.

Estabild enables construction project stakeholders such as real estate developers, investors, financiers, insurance companies to:

Track cost, schedule, cash flow, development risks
Collaborate with key players involved during development
Share progress updates, images, documents stored in the cloud
Consolidate projects and portfolio information to auto-generate reports

Estabild is the tool construction projects have been missing

All-in-one centralized cloud database

Convenient, organized and traceable project progress overview.
Progress updates can easily be shared among colleagues and external parties.
APIs to integrate with tools used by stakeholders and project development team.

Structured reporting framework

Universal project metrics are tracked to ensure performance accountability.
Ability to standardize and normalize data for projects portfolio dashboards.
Reduce time spent in creating manual reports.

Continuous real-time updates

Stakeholders can identify issues early and take corrective actions in time.
Progress updates are triggered by an automated notification system.
Notifications are sent to stakeholders as soon as progress updates take place.

On a mission to empower stakeholders by providing access to a single source of truth

In the last few years, the construction industry has been experiencing an unprecedented shift towards technology adoption. New tools and modern techonologies are being embraced by folks executing the work on the field. Thanks to this, the information captured at the operational level can now be leveraged and streamlined to all key players that are involved with construction projects outcome impacts

The founders team has vast experience within the industry of construction and software development, which has given them the insights on how to build a solution that is valuable to construction project stakeholders.

Currently, the industry has to overcome the challenge of rolling out technology across multiple sites, subsectors, and stakeholders. The way forward will be a platform that promotes interoperability, and Estabild is here to solve it!

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