Real-time updates
on construction projects

An all-in-one platform to reduce the risk of schedule delays and cost overruns.

Complete visibility of your construction projects performance

  • Progress status updates are normally scattered in multiple channels, making it challenging to efficiently keep up with the most recent and relevant information.
  • Transmitted data is typically inconsistent and not standardized, making it laborious to aggregate and consolidate it during multiple ongoing projects.
  • Development progress reports are only received when requested or broadcasted by the executing team, making it difficult to know the 'true' current status.

Estabild resolves these issues seamlessly...

All-in-one centralized data base
Structured reporting framework
Continuous real time updates

Get a complete overview of your project from anywhere

See all key performance indicators in one place to help you better understand the project status. The dashboard gives you an overview of major risk events, status of work completed, and forecast values for cost, schedule and cashflow.

Gain transparency across your projects portfolio

Track relevant financials by comparing approved project budget baselines against actual cost. In addition you can forecasts costs, revenue streams and manage cash flows on all live projects.

Monitor progress and stay up to date, all in one place

Access the right level of detail and know the status of major milestones needed to get your project from start to end. Get timely notifications as soon as progress updates are reported so you will never miss a major update relevant to you.

Experience the benefits of our construction management software

Reduce up to 80%  of the monitoring costs
Gain up to 85% in time productivity efficiency
Drastically reduce risk exposure
100% remote, easy to integrate

Here’s what some of our customers are saying

Justin Howe
Development Manager
Estabild’s platform is an excellent addition to our companies’ communication tools. As a Developer, Estabild provides our equity Partners a piece of mind knowing how our projects and programs are performing particularly from a cost, schedule and risk-management perspective. Providing our Partners real-time insight into our program management is helping us build stronger relationships.
Jaime Macias
Project Manager
Estabild is helping our company to organize and streamline critical project information among key stakeholders. Now, our teammates can easily collaborate and share status updates. Estabild gives upper management a clear overview that enables us to make better decisions about our portfolio performance.
Max Tattenbach
Estabild has changed the way we engage with projects. It brought unprecedented traceability and accountability to the project performance. Our leadership team was able to make timely decisions that helped us avoid major cost overruns.

With Estabild you stay connected to your business

Simplify your portfolio by getting a complete overview
Obtain auto-generated reports from unified and structured data
Increase predictability in construction outcome
Streamline communication among key players of the projects
Data is securely stored and organized in the cloud.
Easily share and broadcast reports among key stakeholders

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