Management reporting on construction projects
Estabild is a secure, cloud-based software for construction project owners, lenders and investors to ensure predictable outcomes and profitability.
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Enable reliable and predictable outcomes for your business
Increase financial predictability of your projects
Managing project financing can be a challenge. Manual processes often lead to errors and delays, making it difficult to meet project deadlines and stay within budget.

Estabild streamlines the process, allowing for quick and easy draw request and payment approvals, real-time finance monitoring, and informed decisions with dashboards and reports.
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Get complete project performance overview
The lack of a comprehensive and connected in a project leads to undesired outcomes such as delays, budget overruns or claims.

Estabild helps you have all key data in place and ensures that your development projects get executed according to the established business plan
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Efficient site inspections and progress verification
Inspection of development projects can be a complex and time-consuming task. Manual processes and documentation lead to errors and delays, making it difficult to keep track of a progress.

Estabild simplifies the process, streamlining construction draw requests and verification of project work for a smooth and efficient inspection experience.
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Reduce the risk of delays with streamlined team communication
Chasing for updates over over email, in recurrent meetings and sharing news with onsite flyers is inefficient and time-consuming.

Estabild ensures alignment among key stakeholders, organized project documentation, and keeps property occupiers up to date.
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Streamline your operations across construction workflows
Efficiently manage project draws and payment requests, instantly get performance reports, forecast liquidity and capital use in your portfolio.
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Get a complete real-time overview of project development, financial and schedule performance, mitigate potential risks to keep your projects on track.
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Coordinate your project timeline and assignments through a single, easy-to-use platform. Keep track of all progress updates and project documentation.
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Seamless integration with your tools
No need for big changes in your workflow nor steep learning curves for your team.
We will ensure a smooth transition to Estabild and support you along the way.
Value offering that delights our customers
Saved 20 hours/week
on project tracking and reporting
Increased 80%
in data accessibility among stakeholders
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Saved 50-80%
in time on monitoring and reporting activities
Increased 5x
in project visibility to stakeholders
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Saved 15 hours/ week
on administrative tasks
Reduced 40%
of resources needed to produce the required deliverables
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It's an all-in-one, online management tool that makes project management easy. I can follow up the economy, time, quality, tasks, risks, etc. of all of my projects. I can do all of this online, which makes me very mobile. It lets me set up my workflows and projects as I please, and keep all my files on the platform as well. Estabild doesn't just make remote work possible, it makes it as effortless as sitting in the office.
Sven-Åke Yashar Khezri Kraim
Project Developer at NREP
We are saving around 20 hours per week by using Estabild. Estabild is helping us track our project's expenses & incomes accurately. This has allowed us to do a financial cross-checking assessment in only one step instead of three steps.
Fabian Moscoso
Real Estate General Manager at Mutualista Azuay
Estabild is a smart solution for project developers that is helping our management team to have a global overview of the costs, plans and main risks related to our construction house projects. This tool has allowed our leadership team to have good visibility of progress and control costs for each project. Estabild keeps our management team well informed of project status, updates and changes, producing incredibly valuable information that allows us to monitor accurately our projects and overall investment performance.
Finnur Gudmundsson
Partner at Tekta
We have worked in the design and furnishings business for a long time, and Costa Jama is one of our first development projects. My greatest concern has been on how to manage and gain control during the project execution phase. Estabild has been a great tool to help us stay on track. It provides a comprehensive overview to ensure alignment among all team members and drive accountability on results.
Eduardo Perez D.
President & CEO at AH Corp
Estabild is helping our company to organize and streamline critical project information among key stakeholders. Now, our teammates can easily collaborate and share status updates.Estabild gives upper management a clear overview that enables us to make better decisions about our portfolio performance.
Jaime Macias
Head of Project Management at Ciport & Tecnac
I use Estabild to manage a range of development projects and it is becoming a valuable tool in the delivery of projects within my construction company. The program is intuitive and quickly aggregates data into to simple and easy dashboard with customisable report templates, making the business more efficient in reporting to our investors."
Nick Levett
Managing Director at Elements Real Estate Group
Estabild has changed the way we engage with projects. It brought unprecedented traceability and accountability to the project performance. Our leadership team was able to make timely decisions that helped us avoid major cost overruns.
Max Tattenbach
COO at Martec
Estabild has helped us gain an organized control in our development project. Our stakeholders have the visibility and awareness they need regarding what’s happening on site in real-time. This is invaluable to us.
Alexandra Iturrale
Executive assistant at AHC SCC Investments
Over 60% saved in time on operational tasks
Up to 50% increase in productivity efficiency
Over 3x increase in data accessibility
Mitigation of project risks
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