Real-time updates
on construction development

An all-in-one consolidated overview to monitor development progress

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Reduce up to 80%  of the monitoring costs
Gain up to 85% in time productivity efficiency
Drastically reduce your risk exposure
100% remote, easy to integrate
"Extremely valuable. Estabild will change the way we monitor projects. It brought unprecedented traceability and accountability to the project"
Max Tattenbach, COO, Martec

Meet the first platform that connects stakeholders to their construction development

Gain transparency across your projects portfolio
Streamline communication
that matters
Increase predictability
in construction execution

Track relevant cost and revenue

Reviewing your project’s financials can be overwhelming. As a Stakeholder you need to know the numbers that are most relevant to your business bottom-line.

Estabild allows you to compare a project budget against actual cost as it happens. Similarly, you can overview expected revenue against realized sales, allowing you to manage cash flows on live projects.

Financial figures are cross-checked to ensure accuracy and veracity. Get access to the latest and greatest financials that enables you to make better business decisions.

“Live” project schedule overview

Construction schedules are complex and have many moving parts. The original plan is never strictly executed resulting in undesired outcomes. Track schedule performance and get live updates.

With Estabild you can access the right level of detail and know the status of major milestones needed to get your project from start to end.

It is critical to understand when milestones are completed and the implications those have on your business. Stay on top of your project timeline and mitigate negative risks.

Most-recent progress updates

Getting project progress updates is messy. It's not easy to get the right information, when you need it and how you want it. Stop chasing for answers that are outdated and view real-time updates with Estabild.

Estabild has a structured reporting framework that shows you progress updates in a simple and beautiful way. Don’t ever miss a major update relevant to you. Get timely notifications as soon as progress updates are reported.

Have all your project data securely organized in the cloud. You can easily access it, share among your colleagues and even broadcast it to your shareholders in a matter of a few clicks.

How does it work?
Estabild connects directly to a project and registers the construction activity in our platform. The data collected in Estabild can be integrated to the Stakeholder's software solutions.
* some features are coming soon
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An all-in-one solution to overview construction projects status

Stakeholders that benefit the most from Estabild

are Investors, Lenders, Owners and Developers

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