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Portfolio dashboard

Estabild generates reports and dashboards that give you a project performance overview by bringing together all key indicators in a single source of truth to help you determine how it would impact your business.

Project dashboard

See all key performance indicators in one place to help you better understand the project status. The dashboard gives you an overview of major risk events, status of work completed, and forecast values for cost, schedule and cashflow.

Project report

Reduce time spent in creating manual reports and let Estabild to do it for you. You can use built-in reports or customize them according to the recipient needs. Download reports from the platform and share with your key stakeholders.

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Workflow without EstabildWorkflow without Estabild
Gathering project development data and status updates, manually preparing reports to share with other stakeholders
Get automated project reports with the level of details that you need
Estabild automatically generates project reports in a matter of seconds. Use built-in templates or customize reports according to your preference. Share them with key stakeholders directly from Estabild or download to PDF if you need them offline.
Benefits for your business
Automated project reports
Reports are automatically generated in a matter of seconds.
Share them with internal and external stakeholders.
Download prepared reports to PDF documents.
Customizable reports to match your needs
Define what information is included in a report.
Add report notes and remarks.
Setup when a report should be delivered.
Performance overview with summary dashboards
Project-level dashboard summarizes all key performance metrics in one view.
Compare actual results against the business plan.
Dashboards can be customized according to your needs and preferences.
Proactive performance portfolio overview and forecasting
Standardize all projects with the same reporting framework.
Get a complete overview of portfolio projects.
Map all projects at different stages to identify the best opportunities and do a comparative analysis.
Budget allocation and forcasting
Allocate budget to committed contracts and track spending.
Compare project budget against actual cost.
Manage cash flows and forecasts on live projects.
Change order management
Keep track of approved change orders.
Get accurate liquuidity overview.
Anticipate potential changes caused by identified risks.
Track progress of project activities
Get complete overview of major activities, critical path and available float.
Enable dynamic relationships among project items.
Automate progress tracking.
Validate scope of work complete
Have a side-by-side comparison of progress between scheduled activities and related budget accounts.
Validate invoice payments.
Consolidate verification documents for the completed work.
Proactive risk management
Manage development risk register.
Risk ranking based on a qualitative assessment.
Risk categorization by function type.
Centralized project updates
Active collaboration between stakeholders to ensure you won’t ever miss a major update.
Get status progress updates in a simple and convenient way.
Receive timely notifications as soon as progress updates are provided.
Seamless integration with your tools
No need for big changes in your workflow nor steep learning curves for your team.
We will ensure a smooth transition to Estabild and support you along the way.
Your privacy and security are our first priority
We hold ourselves to industry-leading privacy and security standards and keep your data secure and private.
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