If you want to be a winner, change how you track your construction projects

Using multi-purpose tools will not give you the superpowers you need.

Currently, most of the construction information is trapped inside excel sheets. Even though it provides a smaller entry barrier and a quick alternative, the problems get bigger and bigger when your construction projects grow. In the meantime, realtime-communications can happen in multipurpose chat tools such as WhatsApp to share project updates.

The most important problem is how to make meaningful insights out of the fragmented data. What correlations can you make and how much faster. How do you share the information between stakeholders? Is the information up-to-date and relevant?

Even though a digital version of your project data is available why you cannot harness the true power of digitalization?

Make your digital investment 10x better than before

We need tools that can connect fragmented data and processes to create synergies and enhance the true power of collected data. Let’s think about the same scenario of using simple multi-purpose tools to manage your construction project. We can use Excel to manage cost control, Microsoft Project to schedule, Whatsapp for project communication, and Dropbox to collect the project’s digital assets.

If someone has posted some updates in WhatsApp, potential risk of cost increase, or information about a potential change order, How easy it would be to correlate it with the information in an excel sheet? Also if there is a document that needs to be looked up in dropbox related to that information, how quickly can you find the document to that. Can you create a risk item that can be linked to other mission-critical items such as a schedule activity as a result of pending change order?

Eventually, if you need to create a report of what happened during the last month or a given period how quickly you can consolidate that information to build a report? How many types of reports and how often do you have to create these reports.

These problems are large and recurrent and eventually reduce the return on investment.

You might have access to a road that can travel up to 100 miles per hour, but what if you have only a tractor that is not optimized to travel faster and efficiently. All you need is a purpose-built car that would give a nicer and smoother ride to travel your digital journey.

Estabild empowers the construction stakeholders to make smarter and quick decisions to make greater returns on the projects

We have identified the inefficiencies created by having data trapped in different places. Estabild platform gathers all the construction project data into a central place and most importantly links them to each other. Estabild provides efficient ways to generate actionable output correlating everything you have gathered in a single place.

It can be updates related to schedule, actual cost information, or even a simple feed post with the latest news from the construction site. Everything can be linked the way you need so that can get a valuable insight instantly in a way that was not possible before.

If you need to share the information that is consolidated inside Estabild with your stakeholders you can invite a member to your project with an appropriate role with controlled access to visualize dashboards and. If you think a beautiful report can impress your stakeholders more, generating a customized report will now take a few minutes not days or weeks with customized reporting functionality.

What is mentioned above are a few battery packs we provide to supercharge your digital journey and maximize the return on your investment. You will never be left alone in the dark with your investment and information will be available when you need it and in a format, you would get actionable insights.

Are you searching to manage your construction project smarter and better and curious how Estabild can help to achieve that? Book a call with us for a quick demo to show how we have helped others in the construction industry similar to you.


Source: https://medium.com/@shelan/if-you-want-to-be-a-winner-change-how-you-track-your-construction-projects-cff11c00fd4d

Written By
Shelan P.