Monitor construction projects remotely

Do you find it hard to monitor your construction project from a distance? It is worth persisting, as doing so brings many advantages compared to not doing so. Today, we will be going over these advantages and find out how you can start monitoring your own construction projects from a distance. 

You save time 

By not traveling out to the project site, or assigning someone in your team to be on site, you save a lot of time, which can be spent on other adding value activities. If you could simply pick up your phone and see exactly what is going on, you can allocate resources accordingly and determined if a site visit or closer scrutiny is needed.

Save money 

This one is almost as obvious as the first one. Ever heard the phrase “time is money”? Well, it is true. By saving time not traveling around, you will make more money (or at least saving it!). So if you are the type of business that strives to get the 'most bang for the buck', smart and concise construction project monitoring for you.

Let the crew do what they do best 

If you are constantly traveling out to get real-time updates on your construction projects, it becomes hard not to micromanage. By instead taking a step back, you allow the construction crew to do what they do best. Build. It might be a hard pill to swallow, but they know what they are doing, they have done it before. Of course, you should step in if things start getting out of hand but mostly, you should just leave them alone. 

But then, how will you know when things are getting out of hand? More on that, later down in the article. 

Monitor more projects at once 

By monitoring all of your construction projects from a distance, you are enabling yourself to have more construction projects running simultaneously. If you get all updates directly on your phone or computer, you can easily monitor many different projects at the same time. This means that your company or business can start growing at a faster rate than before. That is the power of monitoring a construction project from a distance. 

Cut back on work 

Do you enjoy working? Is there nothing you would rather spend your time on? If the answer to the second question is yes then great, we have nothing more to discuss. But if the answer is no, then you might want to keep reading. By making it easier for yourself to prevent budget overruns and monitor your construction projects you will, as earlier stated, be saving a lot of time. You can use this time to cut back on work, maybe reduce your hours, and focus on other adding-value tasks.

What we offer 

We offer a simple and meaningful solution to all of the problems mentioned above. With Estabild, we take all updates on your construction projects and place them in a single place where you can easily access it. Our platform provides you with easy to read graphs and tables to quickly see if you are risking a budget overrun in your construction project or if something is taking longer than expected. When you have identified the problem, you can solve it. 

Still, not sure exactly what we offer? We offer a way of construction project monitoring that lets you get real-time updates on construction projects, that helps you prevent budget overruns. Nothing more and nothing less. 

Written By
Tim H.