How to avoid going over budget on construction projects

You are probably familiar with the issue (or fear) of going over budget on construction projects. Not an unusual problem, but until now, there has not existed a particularly good solution. We at Estabild decided to change that and today we are proud to present our own solution for construction project monitoring. 

What we offer 

We offer an easy and effective way to monitor your construction projects remotely. There are existing ways for doing just this but none as simple and on point as our product. With our platform, you will get updates directly to your phone or computer, which helps you know exactly what is going on 24/7 with your construction project. This enables you to identify problems in real-time and their appropriate solutions before it’s too late and the project is either delayed or over budget. Estabild allows you to receive real-time updates on all your construction projects in an easy and actionable format.  

In summary, we took everything great about monitoring construction projects and modernized it to make it even better. That is the product that we offer you. 

How does this help with keeping the budget? 

Not sure how this helps you to keep to budget on construction projects? With Estabild, you will get frequent updates on all your construction projects, where you can monitor your budgets and all related matters. The platform allows you to break down the budget for different cost accounts so you can see exactly how much each account ended up costing and make changes to the budget accordingly. 

The key to solving problems is information: the more transparency you have, the easier it gets, and that is exactly what we provide for you. We give you all the details you need to avoid you running over budget. The only thing you need to do is put that information to good use. 

Everything in one place 

Do you have multiple construction projects ongoing with a number of different contractors or business partners? Instead of getting five different emails with myriad information, we can help to gather everything in one place. This will make it easy for you to engage with the progress of construction without ever leaving your office. 

Estabild automatically compiles the information into graphs to allow you to process information in seconds, and quickly make decisions regarding the project. You no longer have to travel out to the construction site just to do a quick check-up on the project: everything you need to make a decision will be delivered straight to your phone or computer instead.

Advantages of monitoring a construction project remotely 

Of course, many people still prefer to travel to the project site, but what many people do not realize is that it is not always necessary.  Estabild will provide you with the necessary information to identify the opportunities when you need to step in if things are getting out of hand. This gives you and your team the ability to optimize resources by allocating them in a smart way. 

Needless to say, another advantage with this approach is all the money you will save. By staying in your office and monitoring the construction project from afar, you will be saving a lot of money – and time too. 

As you can clearly see, monitoring your construction project remotely has many advantages, and we provide you with an easy way to do this. We are not saying that we are the only company out there that offers these services, but we do know that we offer a more effective way to do this than anyone else. Do you agree with us? You will simply have to test it to find out. 

Will Estabild help your business? 

Every company is different, and everyone requires a slightly different solution, so we can’t guarantee success. What we do know, however, is that other business owners worldwide have used our platform and continue to use it to this day. We are constantly gathering new information about how we can make it better for you to perform construction project monitoring efficiently. If you have any suggestions about what we should add, feel free to contact us. 

Who is Estabild for? 

Estabild is for anyone who works with keeping track of a construction project development. Estabild is for anyone who is tired of losing track of emails, long commutes and constant phone conversations that you end up forgetting important details about. Our platform keeps everything in one place, where you easily can see all your information at once. 

We made Estabild for these people and in the future, we will be adding even more functionality to help a wider range of clients. We want Estabild to be the go-to solution for anyone engaging with construction projects at an external stakeholder level, and that is what we will be working towards. 

We believe that we can help you monitor your construction projects. Why not give us a try? We have to warn you though: after trying our way of construction project monitoring, you will never want to go back to the old way of doing things. 

Written By
Tim H.